Understanding the Basic Knowledge of Car Parts

radiatorWhen you buy a car, you should have a basic knowledge of the different parts that make a car. Having this knowledge is essential in ensuring that each of these parts functions appropriately. If by any chance one component fails or malfunctions, you will know what precisely you need to solve and avoid making wrong decisions.


The first part we are going to look at it is a car battery. If you want to turn your car on, it must have a battery. A car battery powers your car during ignition and other running operations that need a source of power.


The engine of a car is the brain with which a vehicle operator from. A car engine is a big metal box generally placed under the bonnet. It is made up of different components which make a car to move and function. The air cylinders found in an engine are fed with fuel and air for combustion to take place leading to the creation of motion.


In a car, a radiator is a part responsible for cooling systems. The radiator is placed in front of a vehicle to allow fresh air to run over and through the fins to facilitate absorption excess heat.


For electric cars to function, there must be an alternator. The work of an alternator is to turn the rotating movements of the drive belt in an electric vehicle into electricity. This effect is achieved by rotating a magnet inside a coil of wire to produce a voltage that charges the car battery. The battery then powers other electrical components of a car such as brake lights, headlights, and internal electrics.


brakesHaving working brakes, ones you can trust is very important to have safe travel. If by chance you start to hear things such as squeak at a red light, it might be the ideal time to head to the shops and get new brakes. Brakes work by slowing down a vehicle or putting it to a stop at the perfect time.


The work of pistons in a car is to pump fuel. Pistons should be able to pump smoothly and quickly. Pistons are built to handle gasoline explosions, and it is where a car gets its horses.

Apart from pistons, there is also a fuel injector, which is the successor of the carburetor. It is the component that gets the gas from the fuel tank into the engine.

There is also an AC compressor which helps your car to remain cool during hot seasons. The work of a compressor is put froen in the air conditioning system under a very high pressure to create a cooling effect.