What You Need to Know before Buying an SUV

SUVEverything has its good and bad side, all it matters is how you look at it. Same applies to the different car makes and models we have on the market today. For example, when looking for a vehicle for towing purpose, you will look for ones with good power and torque, as well as braked towing limit, such as those used by http://www.mtowing.com/. Same specs are not the case when looking for a sports car. It is also a very different story when you are in the hunt for  SUV.

Buying a car a decision we all have to make in our lifetime. If you do not have enough money to buy it upfront, you will be spending a lot of time on dealerships trying to negotiate the best deal. It is no different if you are looking for SUVs. Sports Utility Vehicles usually cost more as compared to ordinary cars. When shopping for a SUV, you must determine if it meets your current needs. Besides this, there are other things you need to know before committing to buy a SUV.

Important things to consider

SUVs are available in a wide range of sizes and prices and appeal to a wide range of drivers. They provide a very versatile cargo-carrying space with driver position higher than that of other cars. The powertrain of SUVs usually ranges from four-cylinder engines in small SUVs to powerful V8s in most massive SUVs. Turbocharges four and six-cylinder engines are becoming increasingly popular. The most fuel-efficient SUVs return a fuel economy of the mid-20s, but large non-hybrid models have an abysmal gas mileage. If you need to carry more than five people at a given time, you need to consider getting a 3 row SUV.


When getting SUV, be guided on what you will spend. A few SUVs start at $20,000, but most are in the range of $30,000. Large SUVs cost anywhere at $50,000. There are other classes of Mercedes models that cost $60,000. Luxury models of SUVs require premium fuels adding to their already high operating costs. You can find an assortment of hybrid and diesel options, although these models command a higher price tag. The cost benefits of SUVs depend on fuel economy gains and well as pricing.

Safety Features

crash testStats show that SUVs offer a higher percentage of safety as compared to rollovers that occur in single vehicles. This is mainly because SUVs are taller and more top heavy. They also have technology on safety rating including an assessment of crash avoidance capabilities and crash test results. Almost all SUVs have head-protecting side airbags that come regarding side curtains to cover the front and rear side windows.

Car Features

There are some critical aspects of SUV features you need to consider. One is the engine type and fuel economy.  Small four-cylinder engines typically power Budget-friendly small SUVs with some offering turbocharger. Some of these four-cylinder types deliver lackluster performance especially if the SUV is fully loaded. However, most mid-sized SUVs come with a V6 engine that provides an excellent balance of power and fuel economy. Other SUVs come with a V8 engine that delivers an effortless acceleration as well as heavy towing.


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