A Simple Guide to Marketing on LinkedIn

Are you aware that LinkedIn has more than 700 million users across the global businesses in industries such as equipment transport, as well as professionals use the platform to make connections? This platform is one of the top social media networks today. You need to ask yourself if your business is making the most out of the platform. You can this social platform to improve the awareness of your brand, build your networks, boost leads and conversions, and increase revenue as well.

With new social media platforms coming up every single day, LinkedIn is a platform that often gets underutilized. The truth is, it can become extremely useful especially if you are aware of the hidden features that the platform has.

What About LinkedIn

LinkedIn messaging involves the process of using the platform to make connections, generate leads, improve brand awareness, and foster business relationships as well as partnerships. You can use the platform to generate tons of leads to your website. While using the platform, you stand to benefit from useful features such as analytics, connections, and building your brand.

Here are some important tips you can apply when using this platform.

Customize your public profile

You can make your profile look more professional and easier to share by customizing the public profile URL. Instead of using a URL that would look confusing, you can customize yours to look easier to share. This can be done by clicking the View Profile and then editing the Public Profile and URL. You can change your URL to anything you like provided what you want to change to has not been taken.

Adding Photos

On your LinkedIn profile, you can add a nice background photo. It’s time to give your LinkedIn profile a little more personality by adding an on-brand background photo according to your liking. While doing so, keep in mind that the platform is a professional social network so there is the need to choose your photo accordingly.

Add a ProFinder Badge

You should consider adding a ProFinder Badge, which is basically used for the purpose of identifying freelancers within your connections. It is a service that matches contractors with project managers who are seeking any form of help. Freelancers can display a ProFinder badge on their profiles as a way of showing prospective clients their expertise and skills as well as recommendations.

Blog and Website Links

You can take advantage of blog and website links on your LinkedIn profile. This means you can add links to your profile and social networks right from your LinkedIn page. You can also add links to your content as well as business information with the aim of increasing clicks. This is a feature that allows you to draw greater attention to specific areas of your page with the aim of driving traffic.

Another great thing you can do to your LinkedIn is to add, remove, and rearrange sections of your profile. You can do so to highlight specific pieces of information in a way that you deem fit. When you are in edit mode, all you need is to simply move the mouse over the double-sided arrow in each section.